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Busy week at the studio.

After a short break, it was nice to be back in the studio again. One of the 1st projects was working with Trinity Theatre Club Tunbridge wells, on their new new production of ‘Arsenic and old lace’ Directed by Helen Thorpe. At first we did the press shots in the studio (which were used for local press and promotional material) and then on Monday (17th October) we did the dress rehearsal shots at Trinity Theatre. Everything went to plan apart from a slight wardrobe malfunction, but that happens sometimes, and the stage set looked very impressive.

We also had many new clients this week, mostly smaller companies wanting products shots for their web sites. They bring in their products and photograph them in either the Infinity cove or on the product table, but more often than not I do the photography for them ( at a fair price of course) which I throughly enjoy.

As well as local Companies from Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Sevenoaks using the studio, I also have professional photographers using the studio. They use the studio often and are great supporters of my business, so much so that I regard them as friends. It is wonderful to see them all and it’s nice that we always get time for a natter and a coffee before or after their shoots. For me, it’s an important part of my business that my clients feel very welcome and relaxed, even to the extend that they sometimes phone for advice or simply just to see how I am! occasionally popping in for a chat if they are passing.

This weekend is a busy one, with the studio being booked all day Saturday with various shoots and on […]

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into the Sun

Photo tip of the day. Normally shooting into the sun is a no no, but if you want to be creative put your subject matter facing you with the sun behind your subject. This way you can get beautiful silhouettes and even lens flare to slightly overexpose the shot. This is great for dreamy field portrait shots and gives a very different feel to the image. Just be careful to slightly obscure the sun so not to cause you an eye injury by looking directly at it. ‪

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Blog 2

Unseen photography.

After last weeks antics of Photographing on the pantiles and getting many lovely likes and comments about the shoot, I started this week with a few more edits from that shoot but with a more edgy feel to them. Photoshop allows us to make a picture better? I think so, I do find that most (if not all) the images I produce have spent some time in this very powerful tool before I show them to the world. Some might say that this is a cheat on the original photograph but photographers have been adjusting images since photography was invented, so I regard photoshop as an enhancing too, not a cheating tool. People are often surprised at the cost photographers charge, because all the client sees is press of a shutter button, but believe me, this is only about 10-20% of the whole process of producing a photograph. So if you ever wonder why wedding, portrait or any other type of photographer charge the amount they do, just remember, when you are sitting down to your evening meal, they are still working editing to produce great pieces of art.


Apart from me ranting on about how hard done by us photographer are, the rest of my week was very enjoyable. It was great to see Liz Carter again, about 8 moths since I saw her last and she is now a blooming wonderful person (she will understand that one). It’s so nice when people pop in for a chat with no agenda, just a chat so thank you Liz. Of course I do have to make money but in my job it never feels like work. On Tuesday Annabel Davies who’s Company is Bella jane jewellery popped […]

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1st POST

Now I have a new web site, I thought it best to start a weekly post about the goings on at Photoshoot Studio Hire.  I find myself always looking to forge new relationships with other companies, and last week was no exception. A friend of mine (Model, Ellie Jayne Skinner) posted on Facebook about some beautiful dresses she had seen, which got me thinking. I had a look at the web site for these dresses and sent them a little message on Facebook saying ‘Would love to photograph your outfits in my studio, so pretty.’ and after a few messages they sent 3 outfits down and I am at the moment arranging a shoot with Ellie, another local model (Chelsea Campey) and make up artist Cassandra Aslanidis which we are planing to do next tuesday. Although studio hire is the main part of the business, I am also a full time photographer. I get involved with lots of different companies needing all sorts of photography. Jewellery photography is something that to love to do, I am currently working on shots for Bella Jane Jewellery Their clean, simple and stylish designs are great to photograph and also worn by some celebs!






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